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Thanks so much for stopping by my place! I’m Anna and I’ve been in these parts for 45 years; I’ve procreated three times, got married once, and acquired a number of dogs along the way!I have a profound tendency to reach for leopard print AND I own far too many midi skirts. If you are a a purveyor of the positivities of life and a firm believer in Hope then you are on my wave length …..I also believe the power of a red lip is grossly underestimated!

Unironed and a procrastinator ….A chaos magnet ready for good change…


I put down my roots in the North East of England 21 years ago this year, when a trip to Tenerife in ’97 with a handsome Geordie firefighter and too much sun and sangria resulted in a beautiful unexpected baby bump!It took seven years and two more babies and eventually I became Mrs Foster on 19 July 2003.




I am a two time Uni drop-out with half a music degree, half an Italian and History of Art degree and a brilliant mum who steered me away from half degrees towards my natural inclination for talking and listening… So by sheer tenacity, hard work and luck I also have 22 years under my belt as a local radio presenter, event host and professional waffler. The finest achievement … getting on Bargain Hunt once in my role as a local radio lass ……yes, the Blues won – golden gavel and all!!!


When I am not having a conversation on the wireless, I can be found juggling my three nearly-adult offspring and taking too many selfies with my dogs Henry and Hope. They never judge, even when my Immac runs out and I wax my tash with sellotape.

My family, friends and canines are my world, but I do find time for the frivolity of fashion, debating the merits of a matte versus a shimmer, whether double leopard is ever right and what does the beauty industry mean by making us obsess over GLOW!!!?…I don’t know but god do I want it!


Having an open and honest dialogue about mental health is on my priorities list ( just before watching Crazy Stupid Love …AGAIN!) I have though had a tough time for a long time but I’m keen to demonstrate we are more than our daft minds, and there will always be Hope! So on my journey from Chaos to Clean I would love YOU to be my travel partner. We can navigate this thing called life …

I will post a blog every Monday and Wednesday, and I will post a video every Sunday ( if I can sodding well get this editing thing down!) – so expect fashion on a budget, beauty on a shoe string and experience for free…!!! xxx

Anna x



  1. Elizabeth Doyle-Davies
    June 13, 2018 / 7:46 am

    You’re my kind of woman, I’ve listened to your local radio shows for years, have kids, juggled etc etc. So pleased you have a website/blog because I’ve always felt listening to your shows are like having a natter with a good mate!

    • Anna
      June 13, 2018 / 12:36 pm

      Hi Elizabeth!
      That is so kind, I have wanted to start one for a while but time is always pretty tight, juggling children juggling dogs juggling husbands … no I’ve only got ONE of those !!! I still haven’t posted properly, but I’m learning and it will become more organized I promise…… Well…Anna Organized!

      And thank you so so much for listening to my waffle!… I feel
      Like I’m talking TO mates as well …xxx

  2. Lindsey
    August 14, 2018 / 10:16 pm

    I heard you on the OCD stories podcast and your story was very inspiring! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Anna
      August 24, 2018 / 8:37 am

      Lindsey, Thankyou so much for listening ! It has been tough but I know there is hope and I just want to get that message across. ERP really has been the catalyst to recovery but sharing , reading about others , that has also been vital. Really hoping you are well and if you ever want to chat you know where I am ! I’m sorry I haven’t posted on my blog I’m technically inept ! But determined to start from September ! X

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